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Heterogeneous computing (HC) environments composed of interconnected machines with varied computational capabilities are well suited to meet the computational demands of large, diverse groups of tasks. One aspect of resource allocation in HC environments is matching tasks with machines and scheduling task execution on the assigned machines. We will refer to(More)
The first Special Sensor Microwave Imager/Sounder (SSMIS) was launched in October 2003 aboard the Air Force Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) F-16 Spacecraft. As originally conceived, the SSMIS integrates the imaging capabilities of the heritage DMSP conically scanning Special Sensor Microwave/Imager sensor with the cross-track microwave(More)
Two calibration anomalies of the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program’s (DMSP) Special Sensor Microwave Imager Sounder (SSMIS) radiometer are examined by using several sources of data. Early orbit mode data from the SSMIS are used to create radiometric images of the warm calibration load that evolve over an entire orbit to elucidate the effects of(More)
Web services provide a language-neutral, loosely-coupled, and platform-independent way for linking applications within organizations or enterprises across the Internet. In such a scenario, quantitative characteristics such as service execution throughput should be evaluated to measure the system performance. Usually, the first step is to define an abstract(More)
The environment considered in this research is a massive multiplayer online gaming (MMOG) environment. Each user controls an avatar (an image that represents and is manipulated by a user) in a virtual world and interacts with other users. An important aspect of MMOG is maintaining a fair environment among users (i.e., not give an unfair advantage to users(More)
Analyses and results of the radiometric calibration accuracy and measurement characteristics of the first Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP)’s Special Sensor Microwave Imager/Sounder (SSMIS) upper atmosphere sounding (UAS) channels are presented herein. Launched on October 18, 2003, aboard the DMSP F-16 spacecraft in a sun-synchronous orbit,(More)
The Special Sensor Microwave Imager/Sounder (SSMIS) calibration and Earth scene fields-of-view (FOV) are examined using sensor diagnostic modes, a graphic simulation of the SSMIS and spacecraft vehicle, and an electromagnetic analysis of the SSMIS antenna. The on-orbit FOV for each calibration target was found to be larger than the sample locations utilized(More)
The creation of a virtual world environment (VWE) has significant costs, such as maintenance of server rooms, server administration, and customer service. The initial development cost is not the only factor that needs to be considered; factors such as the popularity of a VWE and unexpected technical problems during and after the launch can affect the final(More)
The creation of a Massive Multi-Player On-line Game (MMOG) has significant costs, such as maintenance of server rooms, server administration, and customer service. The capacity of servers in a client/server MMOG is hard to scale and cannot adjust quickly to peaks in demandwhilemaintaining the required response time. To handle these peaks in demand, we(More)