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The Study of Safety Evaluation on Slope Seismic Stability
The failure mechanism and stability safety evaluation of slope under earthquake is a complex problem. The domestic scholars have studied the safety factor slope seismic stability evaluationExpand
Securing SLOCs by Cooperation - China’s Perspective of Maritime Security in the Indian Ocean
The essay addresses that, after 30years open and reform policy, with the increasing connectivity with the rest of the world, China has been transforming from a traditional land power to a new type ofExpand
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The Sensibility Analysis of Influencing Factors of the Paddle Slope Stability
For the lack of sensibility in the common analysis,grey correlation analysis is adopted to analyze the sensibilities of the factors influencing the stability of paddle slope.Among these factors,theExpand
Slope Reliability Analysis Using Stochastic FEM with Dynamic Programming Method
The dynamic programming method combined with the stochastic FEM is proposed to analyze the slope reliability problems.A numerical example is analyzed to show the feasibility of the proposed method. Expand
Evaluation Mechanism of Higher Education Practice:Causes and Reflections
Higher education practice evaluation is to evaluate the quality and level of higher education.Being one of the most important links in higher education practice as well as one of the most importantExpand
Comparison and analysis of landslide thrust by use of finite element and limit analysis methods
The traditional limit analysis method is commonly used to calculate pile thrust,but it can not take the pile deformation into account.This method assumes that the deformation is unrestricted,theExpand
Study of application of strength reduction dynamic analysis method to aseismic design of anti-slide piles for landslide
Using dynamic finite difference software-FLAC, combining with strength reduction dynamic analysis method, a new method for anti-sliding pile aseismic design is proposed. Taking the security andExpand
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China and South Asian Relations in a New Perspective
The interactions between China and South Asia could date back to 3rd century BC, but before the mid of 20th century, the lasting 2000 years interactions and communications were confined to culturalExpand
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Research on some issues related to stability analysis of reservoir banks
The completion and construction of large and medium-sized reservoirs naturally form many banks and the water level changes will influence the stability of the banks,which may cause landslides,evenExpand
Influence of Permeability of Anti-slide Piles on Governance Effect
At present anti-slide piles have been widely used in slope of reservoir banks,such as the governanace of slopes in Three Gorges Reservoir area.Since most anti-slide piles are established during theExpand