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Lack of trust has been repeatedly identified as one of the most formidable barriers to people for engaging in e-commerce, involving transactions in which financial and personal information is submitted to merchants via the Internet. The future of e-commerce is tenuous without a general climate of online trust. Building consumer trust on the Internet(More)
Web accessibility is a fundamental instrument to support the shift towards an inclusive cyberspace and a socially responsible society, and higher education plays an essential role in this effort. This paper fills the gap of lacking literature by reporting an undergraduate Web design course that adopts a holistic and pragmatic approach to teaching Web(More)
Innovative Internet applications coupled with improved videoconferencing capabilities have led to the proliferation of virtual meeting technology (VMT) in recent years. This paper aims to bring to light VMT as an effective classroom instructional tool, especially for IT education, and the possible ways to embed this technology in classroom settings in the(More)
The escalation in DE presents both opportunities and challenges to students with disabilities. For students with disabilities, DE technology can help them read when they cannot see and learn when they have the desire to study. However, when the proper care is not taken in the development of these technological resources and tools, DE courses can be(More)