Ye Deng

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In managing and troubleshooting home networks, one of the challenges is in knowing what is actually happening. Availability of a record of events that occurred on the home network <i>before</i> trouble appeared would go a long way toward addressing that challenge. In this position/work-in-progress paper, we consider requirements for a general-purpose(More)
Microorganisms in vertebrate guts have been recognized as important symbionts influencing host life. However, it remains unclear about the gut microbiota in long-distance migratory Anseriformes herbivores, which could be functionally important for these wetland-dependent animals. We collected faeces of the greater white-fronted goose (GWFG), bean goose (BG)(More)
Climate warming is increasingly leading to marked changes in plant and animal biodiversity, but it remains unclear how temperatures affect microbial biodiversity, particularly in terrestrial soils. Here we show that, in accordance with metabolic theory of ecology, taxonomic and phylogenetic diversity of soil bacteria, fungi and nitrogen fixers are all(More)
This paper describes a novel query suggestion tool we have designed and implemented to help users of office printing devices better formulate their queries, while searching a troubleshooting knowledge base provided as a service on the device itself. The paper traces the main motivations of the design of the query suggestion tool and outlines its technical(More)
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