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The aim of this study is to investigate genetic linkage and recombination fractions of 26 X chromosomal (X-STR) loci with two multiplex PCR systems (MX15-STR and MX12-STR). MX15-STR (including DXS7133, DXS6801, DXS981, DXS6809, DXS7424, DXS6789, DXS9898, DXS7132, GATA165B12, DXS101, DXS10075, DXS6800, GATA31E08, DXS10074, and DXS10079) and MX12-STR(More)
BACKGROUND Haplotype analysis of closely associated markers has proven to be a powerful tool in kinship analysis, especially when short tandem repeats (STR) fail to resolve uncertainty in relationship analysis. STR located on the X chromosome show stronger linkage disequilibrium compared with autosomal STR. So, it is necessary to estimate the haplotype(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate a 13 non-CODIS STR loci database using three national populations from China. A new multiplex PCR system that simultaneously amplified 13 loci in the same PCR reaction was developed. This multiplex system included the 13 STR markers (D3S2402, D3S2452, D3S1766, D3S4554, D3S2388, D3S3051, D3S3053, D4S2364, D4S2404,(More)
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