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Epigenetic heritability is an important issue in the field of genetics and also in the development of many human diseases. In this study, we created a transgenic rat model and investigated the transgenerational methylation patterns in these animals. The transgene DNA fragment was unmethylated before it was injected into the pronucleus, so it is a good model(More)
Zinc finger nuclease (ZFN) technology can mediate targeted genome modification to produce transgenic animals in a high-efficient and biological-safe way. Modular assembly is a rapid, convenient and open-source method for the synthesis of ZFNs. However, this biotechnology is hampered by multistep construction, low-efficiency editing and off-target cleavage.(More)
The clinical trial is the most import study for the development of successful novel drugs. The aim of this dissertation is to develop innovative statistical methods to overcome the three main obstacles in clinical trials: (1) lengthy trial duration and inaccurate maximum tolerated dose (MTD) in phase I trials; (2) heterogeneity in drug effect when patients(More)
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