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Early Cretaceous volcanism and its impact on fossil preservation in Western Liaoning, NE China
Abstract The so-called Jehol Biota, an excellently preserved Early Cretaceous biota consisting of both lacustrine and terrestrial organisms, is one of the most important Mesozoic fossillagerstatten.Expand
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Late Neoproterozoic–Early Paleozoic evolution of the South China Block as a retroarc thrust wedge/foreland basin system
The Early Paleozoic Wuyi-Yunkai fold belt of South China represents a major orogenic belt in East Asia; however, its formation is not well understood. This paper evaluates the origins of theExpand
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First report of coupled Early Permian paleomagnetic and geochronologic data from the Dunhuang block (NW China), and implications for the tectonic evolution of the Paleo-Asian ocean
Abstract In order to better understand the tectonic relationship between the Dunhuang block (DHB) and its adjacent blocks, and to constrain the timing of the closure of the Paleo-Asian ocean, aExpand
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Triassic marine biogeography constrains the palaeogeographic reconstruction of Tibet and adjacent areas
Abstract Palaeobiogeographic studies can provide valuable constraints on palaeogeographic reconstructions. The Triassic marine bivalves from Tibet and adjacent areas, including the tectonic units ofExpand
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Unconformity-bounded Upper Paleozoic megasequences in the Beishan Region (NW China) and implications for the timing of the Paleo-Asian Ocean closure
Abstract The Upper Paleozoic sedimentary sequence in the Beishan Region, northwest China, provides a complete record of the complex amalgamation and extension history of the Central Asian OrogenicExpand
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The closing of the southern branch of the Paleo-Asian Ocean: Constraints from sedimentary records in the southern Beishan Region of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt, NW China
Abstract The Carboniferous–Permian strata in the southern Beishan Orogenic Collage (BOC) have been regarded as deposits formed either in a branch of the Paleo-Asian Ocean (PAO) or in continental riftExpand