Yazhuo Gao

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There are lots of performance bottlenecks for real-time queries in mass data. Many methods can only improve the efficiency for frequently used queries, but it is not advisable to neglect the non-frequently used queries. This paper proposes a new integrated index model called BBI and illustrates the application of this model. Based on the feature of data(More)
This paper proposes a scheduling strategy which divides OLAM (Online Analytical Mining) tasks into query tasks, mining tasks and updating tasks in order to improve the efficiency of BI (Business Intelligence) systems. OLAM mechanism is considered as the seamless integration of OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) and data mining on data cubes, according to(More)
When the case information is described in natural language and not complete, to deal with problems of case retrieval in Case-Based Reasoning (CBR), Extension theory is introduced to aid it. Firstly, the case index is created based on the Extension model. Secondly, the main characteristics of the case are formalized to store in the case base to realize the(More)
This paper introduces Copula approach, which has been widely used in statistical field, to the construction of OLAP cubes for the first time. Based on this approach, a novel scheme is proposed to compress data and answer any OLAP query without accessing raw data. The procedure of this scheme can be generally divided into three steps. Firstly, find the(More)
Fractal dimension can be used to analyze stock time series. This paper proposes a new K-line fractal dimension which is calculated from the positive or negative line separately. Accordingly, we call it positive line fractal dimension or negative line fractal dimension. Then negative line fractal dimension is used to segment time series. Experiment results(More)
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