Yazan Aljeroudi

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Cloud computing (CC) is a magnificent service-based delivery with gigantic computer processing power and data storage across connected communications channels. It imparted overwhelming technological impetus in the internet (web) mediated IT industry, where users can easily share private data for further analysis and mining. Furthermore, user affable CC(More)
Mobile Ad hoc network (MANET) suffers from different security issues. Ideally, not all nodes in MANET cooperate in forwarding packets because of non-malicious intention. This node is called selfish node and it behaves so due to its internal state such as limited energy concerns. Selfish nodes drop packets and that harms the process of routes establishment(More)
Using technology for food objects recognition and estimation of its calories is very useful to spread food culture and awareness among people in the age of obesity due to the bad habits of food consumption and wide range of inappropriate food products. Image based sensing of such system is very promising with the large expanding of camera embedded portable(More)
In image steganography, determining the optimum location for embedding the secret message precisely with minimum distortion of the host medium remains a challenging issue. Yet, an effective approach for the selection of the best embedding location with least deformation is far from being achieved. To attain this goal, we propose a novel approach for image(More)
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