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Effect of low molecular weight organic acids on adsorption and desorption of fluoride on variable charge soils
The effect of four low molecular weight organic acids on F− adsorption by two variable charge soils was investigated using a batch method. The organic acids reduced F− adsorption through competitionExpand
Immobilization and hybridization of oligonucleotides on maleimido-terminated self-assembled monolayers.
Maleimido-terminated self-assembled monolayers were prepared via a one-step reaction of a maleimido-functionalized trichlorosilane with an oxide-covered surface. Through conjugate addition,Expand
Maleimido-terminated self-assembled monolayers.
Four approaches have been explored for the preparation of maleimido-functionalized self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on silicon. SAMs prepared by self-assembly of maleimido-functionalizedExpand
Solubility of 1-Fluoro-4-(methylsulfonyl)benzene in Five Pure Organic Solvents at Temperatures from (288.40 to 331.50) K
The solubilities of 1-fluoro-4-(methylsulfonyl)benzene in five pure organic solvents (ethanol, ethyl acetate, acetone, toluene, and chloroform) at temperatures ranging from (288.40 to 331.50) K underExpand