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Descriptions are given of armatures in the genital atria of females of the two morphologically similar sandfly species, Phlebotomus papatasi and P. duboscqi. The species are distinguishable by the size and shape of the armature, the grouping of the spines in the armature and the length and shape of the spines. These characters have been shown to separate(More)
We propose a method for selecting reference anisotropic parameters in laterally varying anisotropic media for mixed Fourier-space domain wavefield extrapolation. We treat the selection problem as a quantization procedure, and use a modified version of the 3D Lloyd's algoritm for reference-parameter selections. We demonstrate that our method yields a more(More)
A new species of the sandfly subgenus Paraphlebotomus Theodor from Kenya is described and named Phlebotomus mireillae. The type locality is Utut Reserve, near Gilgil, Nakuru District. The description is based on 10 males and 10 females reared from individual egg batches of wild-caught females. Males of the new species differ from nine other species of the(More)
I present a method to address the migration artifacts caused by insufficient offset coverage. I pose the migration as a least-squares inversion problem regularized with the differential semblance operator, followed by forcing a sparseness constraint in the subsurface-offset domain. I demonstrate that adding these regularization terms suppresses the(More)
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