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During the past decade, the packet classification problem has been widely studied to accelerate network applications such as access control, traffic engineering and intrusion detection. In our research, we found that although a great number of packet classification algorithms have been proposed in recent years, unfortunately most of them stagnate in(More)
Packet classification is a fundamental enabling function for various applications in switches, routers and firewalls. Due to their performance and scalability limitations, current packet classification solutions are insufficient in addressing the challenges from the growing network bandwidth and the increasing number of new applications. This paper presents(More)
Modern networks are increasingly becoming content aware to improve data delivery and security via content-based network processing. Content-aware processing at the front end of distributed network systems, such as application identification for datacenter load-balancers and deep packet inspection for security gateways, is more challenging due to the(More)
Although it is of interest to empirical researchers to test whether or not a particular assetpricing model is true, a more useful task is to determine how wrong a model is and to compare the performance of competing asset-pricing models. In this paper, we propose a new methodology to test whether two competing linear asset-pricing models have the same(More)
Multi-dimensional packet classification is a key task in network applications, such as firewalls, intrusion prevention and traffic management systems. With the rapid growth of network bandwidth, wire speed multi-dimensional packet classification has become a major challenge for next-generation network processing devices. In this paper, we present a(More)
Network security has become an increasingly important yet challenging issue in present production networks. State-of-the-art solutions cannot meet the overall requirements of high-efficiency security, due to the complicated configuration demands, heavy network traffic and ever-increasing network scale. In this paper, we present Live Sec, a scalable and(More)
Anti-virus applications play an important role in today's Internet communication security. Virus scanning is usually performed on email, Web and file transfer traffic flows at intranet security gateways. The performance of popular anti-virus applications relies on the pattern matching algorithms implemented in these security devices. The growth of network(More)
Cloud datacenters, providing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), need to lively orchestrate numerous resource elements with diverse requirements of service provision, which most existing approaches are difficult to meet elastically. This paper presents LiveCloud, a management framework for resources in cloud datacenters. It addresses multiple management(More)
Since Black, Jensen, and Scholes (1972) and Fama and MacBeth (1973), the two-pass crosssectional regression (CSR) methodology has become the most popular approach for estimating and testing asset pricing models. Statistical inference with this method is typically conducted under the assumption that the models are correctly specified, that is, expected(More)
Packet classification on multiple header fields is one of the basic techniques for policy enforcement applications in network devices. In this paper, we analyzed the existing packet classification algorithms from a theoretical point of view, focusing on the information exploitation in each algorithm. A novel packet classification scheme is proposed that(More)