Yaxuan Liu

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This paper presents an approach of automatically generating abstract paintings of Malevich Style. Through parameterized program and flexible production processes, we successfully generated images mimicking the styles of the abstract artist Kazimir Malevich, having classified different styles of his paintings. The generated results using the basic components(More)
Taken growth speed, growth intensity, fractal dimension and compactness index as urban spatial characteristic indices, 18 cities’ urban area is investigated in 10 years in a quantitative perspective, and their changes are also analyzed. It is clear that these indices can not only scientifically and explicitly assess the urban morphology and their(More)
Taking the Northern Slope of the Tianshan Mountains (NSTM) as the study area, we investigated into the oases LUCC and information entropy change by using RS, GIS and statistical model. The results showed that, (1) Establishing mathematical models of the range, speed and trend index of LUCC, especially the model of LUCC trend and state, the state and trend(More)
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