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Drones are unmanned aircraft controlled remotely or operated autonomously. While the extant literature suggests that drones can in principle invade people’s privacy, little is known about how people actually think about drones. Drawing from a series of in-depth interviews conducted in the United States, we provide a novel and rich account of people’s pri­(More)
Municipal police departments are leveraging social media platforms to support their missions. In this paper, we understand what they post on Facebook daily, and people's engagement with these government agencies on the social media platform. First, we collected and manually annotated 6,825 posts sent by four agencies (i.e., NYPD, LAPD, Baltimore PD and(More)
Drones pose privacy concerns such as surveillance and stalking. Many technology-based or policy-based mechanisms have been proposed to mitigate these concerns. However, it is unclear how drone controllers and bystanders perceive these mechanisms and whether people intend to adopt them. In this paper, we report results from two rounds of online survey with(More)
Prior research has discovered various privacy concerns that bystanders have about drones. However, little is known about drone controllers' privacy perceptions and practices of drones. Understanding controllers' perspective is important because it will inform whether controllers' current practices protect or infringe on bystanders' privacy and what(More)
Danmaku is a video comment feature which is used to overlay comments onto videos of many types and is gaining popularity in China. In this paper, we explore Danmaku's potential in online video learning. We present our survey results of 213 Chinese online users regarding their usage of danmaku. We also propose a new design in which danmaku is modified and(More)
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