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Preparing copper doped carbon nitride from melamine templated crystalline copper chloride for Fenton-like catalysis
Abstract Heterogeneous catalysts prepared by doping metal ions in g-C3N4 have been demonstrated as a type of promising alternative to the traditional homogeneous Fenton catalysts. The metal–Nx activeExpand
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Suppression of Phytophthora capsici infection and promotion of tomato growth by soil bacteria
Abstract Phytophthora capsici causes root, crown and fruit rot on many plant species including tomato and other solanaceous species. Plant growth promotion and suppression of P. capsici on tomatoExpand
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Ultrathin 2D Cu-porphyrin MOF nanosheets as a heterogeneous catalyst for styrene oxidation
2D MOF nanostructures have shown promising properties in heterogeneous catalysis. Herein, we synthesized ultrathin 2D Cu-porphyrin MOF nanosheets and demonstrated their excellent catalyticExpand
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Conductive MOF-Modified Separator for Mitigating the Shuttle Effect of Lithium-Sulfur Battery through a Filtration Method.
Although there are plenty of merits for lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries, their undesired shuttle effect and insulated nature are hindering the practical applications. Here, a conductive metal-organicExpand
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DEM study in the critical height of flow mechanism transition in a conical silo
Abstract The discharging in silo presents the characteristics of mass flow in the upper part and funnel flow in the lower part. Obviously, there is a special position where the flow patternExpand
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Characterization of DNA Methylation Associated Gene Regulatory Networks During Stomach Cancer Progression
DNA methylation plays a critical role in tumorigenesis through regulating oncogene activation and tumor suppressor gene silencing. Although extensively analyzed, the implication of DNA methylation inExpand
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Diffusion spectrum imaging in white matter microstructure in subjects with type 2 diabetes
This study aimed to investigate the feasibility and clinical applicability of Diffusion Spectrum Imaging (DSI) for quantitative detection of white matter microstructural integrity. Twenty-sevenExpand
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The effects of friction characteristic of particle on milling process in a horizontal rice mill
Abstract The physical and mechanical properties of rice are of significant change during milling from brown rice to white rice, especially the friction characteristics. In order to clarify theExpand
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[Photosynthetic characteristics and chlorophy II fluorescence parameters of different populations of Pinellia ternata].
OBJECTIVE To study the photosynthetic characteristics and chlorophyll fluorescence parameters of Pinellia ternate from different sources, in order to provide basis for cultivation and breeding. Expand
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Water Clusters in Lignite and Desorption Energy Calculation by Density Functional Theory
The interaction of water and hydrophilic sites with hydroxyl, carboxyl, and multiple oxygen-containing functional groups (OFGs) in lignite molecules was studied by density functional theory. TheExpand
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