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DEM study in the critical height of flow mechanism transition in a conical silo
Abstract The discharging in silo presents the characteristics of mass flow in the upper part and funnel flow in the lower part. Obviously, there is a special position where the flow pattern
Discrete element method modelling of impact breakage of ellipsoidal agglomerate
ABSTRACT Breakage of cereal grains approximated ellipsoidal shape such as rice and wheat kernel is an extremely common phenomenon for harvest and post-harvest processing in food industries.
The effects of friction characteristic of particle on milling process in a horizontal rice mill
Abstract The physical and mechanical properties of rice are of significant change during milling from brown rice to white rice, especially the friction characteristics. In order to clarify the
Effects of rotation speed and rice sieve geometry on turbulent motion of particles in a vertical rice mill
Abstract Performance optimization of a rice mill is an issue of great significance in the rice milling industry. By means of Discrete Element Method (DEM), this work examines how the turbulent motion
Adsorption of heavy metals in water by modifying Fe3O4 nanoparticles with oxidized humic acid
Abstract Magnetic nanoparticles require a protective coating to enable them to be used to adsorb heavy metals from wastewater, given their oxidation properties and instability in acidic media. Humic
Effects of feeding direction on the hulling of paddy grain in a rubber roll huller
The low ratio of one-time hulling is one of the main factors restricting the development of rice processing. Understanding the hulling mechanism and the effect of feeding direction of paddy grain on
An experimental investigation on jamming and critical orifice size in the discharge of a two-dimensional silo with curved hopper
Abstract During the silo discharging progress, if the orifice size is not large enough, the orifice of the silo would be jammed by granules due to the formation of an arch. The silo with a curved
Effects of convex rib height on spherical particle milling in a lab-scale horizontal rice mill
Abstract Improvement of critical components for rice mill is one of the issues constraining the development of rice milling industry. Unfortunately, the effect of configuration of rotating shaft on
Numerical analysis of similarities of particle flow behavior in stirred chambers
Abstract Granular shear flows in chambers with rotating shafts are ubiquitous in manufacturing processes for numerous industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and cereal processing, wherein flow