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Memristors were mathematically found by L. O. Chua in 1971 and experimentally demonstrated by HP researchers in 2008 [1], [2]. Since then, memristors have been considered suitable for neuromorphic circuits and systems, because they have some similarities with brain’s neuronal systems [3], [4], [5]. Memristors are possibly 3-dimensioanl, parallel, analog,(More)
We present a continuous-flow active micromixer based on channel-wall deflection in a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) chip for volume flows in the range up to 2 μL s −1 which is intended as a novel unit operation for the microfluidic Braille pin actuated platform. The chip design comprises a main microchannel connected to a series of side channels with dead ends(More)
Ion selective electrodes (ISE) are used extensively for the potentiometric determination of ion concentrations in electrolytes. However, the inherent drift in these measurements and the requirement of a stable reference electrode restrict the feasibility of this method for long-term in-situ applications. This work presents a chronopotentiometric approach to(More)
The half-cell potential of the Activated carbon (AC), due to its high double layer capacitance (EDL), remains stable in high ionic electrolyte. The open circuit potential (OCV) of the AC, with EDL of 40 – 50 F, shows a stable potential (10 mV variation) over two weeks in the cement pore solution (sat. Ca(OH)2). The OCV is less sensitive to the pH change(More)
This protocol describes the dynamic measurement of chloride ions using the transition time of a silver silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) electrode. Silver silver chloride electrode is used extensively for potentiometric measurement of chloride ions concentration in electrolyte. In this measurement, long-term and continuous monitoring is limited due to the inherent(More)
Chloride is a crucial anion for various analytical applications from biological to environmental applications. In order to measure the chloride ion concentration, a measurement system is needed which can detect this concentration for prolonged times reliably. Chronopotentiometry is a technique which does not need a long term stable reference electrode and(More)
A cotinine sensor based on the dc resistance of a polymer composite films is presented. The composite film comprises a cotinine selective molecularly imprinted polymer and carbon nanotube particles. This polymer film is deposited over a gold interdigitated electrode array to measure its electrical resistance. The electrical resistance of the imprinted(More)
The fabrication of 3 x 3 crossbar arrays measuring 20 μm in width was demonstrated. The bipolar resistive switching characteristics in manganese oxide nanoparticles were investigated in the crossbar structure of top electrode (Au)/nanoparticle assembly/bottom electrode (Ti) on SiO2/Si substrate. The monodisperse manganese oxide nanoparticles measuring 13 nm(More)
The study was conducted to assess the workplace conditions, health and safety situations in textile and chemical industries of one of the commercial cities of Pakistan i.e. Faisalabad. Risk assessment was conducted through qualitative and quantitative assessment methods. The effluents and gases emissions in the textile and chemical mills of Faisalabad were(More)
The fabrication of hybrid structure with TiO2 nanoparticle assembly and Ta2O5 thin film layer was demonstrated. The close-packed nanoparticles could influence the resistive switching behaviors due to the huge numbers of interface states and vacancies in the nanoparticle assembly. The device with hybrid structure presented the typical bipolar resistive(More)
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