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Combined input output queued (CIOQ) architecture such as crossbar with speedup has recently been proposed to build a large capacity switch for broadband integrated services networks. It was shown that, for a speedup factor of 2, a CIOQ switch can achieve 100% throughput with a simple maximal matching algorithm [1]. Achieving 100% throughput, however, is not(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are widely employed in many fields to collect data or control remote equipments. For data acquisition and some globally synchronized media access control (MAC) protocols, time information plays an important role in the system. This paper presents the work on how to effectively achieve time synchronization between two adjacent(More)
Channel Utilization is a performance index to measure the protocol efficiency of a WLAN medium access control (MAC). This paper presents a simple method to achieve maximum channel utilization for the IEEE 802.11n using basic Distributed Coordination Function (DCF). We find that the channel utilization only depends on the number of stations for the IEEE(More)
In the importance sampling step, the Rao-Blackwellized particle filter makes use of the probability density functions (pdf) of the Kalman filter for the computation of likelihood functions and sample weights. Whether these pdf are separated or overlap each other has a significant effect on the estimation of the posterior distribution of the non-marginalized(More)