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Minimizing human errors in diagnosis is one of the most important aims of Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) systems. CAD software is the software helping radiologists , specialist doctor for detect abnormality on medical views by using advanced pattern diagnosis and view processing methods. In this study, a CAD system that can help detection and diagnosis of(More)
In this paper, an innovative data pre-processing method to improve the classification performance and to determine automatically the vertebral column disorders including disk hernia (DH), spondylolisthesis (SL) and normal (NO) groups has been proposed. In the classification of vertebral column disorders' dataset with three classes, a pairwise fuzzy C-means(More)
The reduction of fluid that acts as shock absorber placed in lumbar intervertebral discs causes pains and this case is named as degenerative disc disease. Magentic Resonance Imaging is generally used for diagnosis of this disease by radiologists or doctors. However, due to personal errors such as fatigue, inexperience, oversight, wrong diagnosis is(More)
Data mining can help researchers to gain novel and deep insights for understanding of large datasets. Nowadays, people are using data mining algorithms in different contexts like banking, hospitals, marketing etc. Classification algorithm plays a vital role. In the study, we found that SVM is the best classifier amongst all the classifiers. Here we used(More)
Data mining techniques on the biological analysis are spreading for most of the areas including the health care and medical information. We have applied the data mining techniques, such as KNN, SVM, MLP or decision trees over a unique dataset, which is collected from 16,380 analysis results for a year. Furthermore we have also used meta-classifiers to(More)
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