Yavuz Bogaç Türkogullari

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Due to the dramatic increase in the world's container traffic, the efficient management of operations in seaport container terminals has become a crucial issue. In this work, we focus on the integrated planning of the following problems faced at container terminals: berth allocation, quay crane assignment (number), and quay crane assignment (specific).(More)
In this paper we consider the differentiated coverage problem for heterogeneous sensor networks over a finite planning horizon consisting of discrete time intervals. The goal is to determine optimal locations of sensors and sinks, activity schedules of the deployed sensors, and sensor-to-sink data routes subject to coverage, flow conservation, energy(More)
A wireless sensor network is a network consisting of distributed autonomous electronic devices called sensors. Sensors have limited energy and capability for sensing, data processing, and communicating, but they can collectively behave to provide an effective network that monitors an area and transmit information to gateway nodes or sinks, either directly(More)
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