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Real-time detection and measurement of sub-ppm levels of formaldehyde in ambient air using diode-pumped 3.5 µm difference-frequency generation (DFG) in periodically poled LiNbO 3 (PPLN) is reported. Minimum detectable concentration of 30 ppb was achieved with a compact , portable room-temperature gas sensor configured for formaldehyde (H 2 CO) detection.(More)
Different physicochemical properties of Langmuir films (monolayers) composed of 10 mixed systems of a bile acid, deoxycholic acid (DC) with various plant sterols, such as stigmasterol (Stig), beta-sitosterol (Sito) and campesterol (Camp) and a stanol, cholestanol (Chsta) in addition to an animal sterol, cholesterol (Ch) [these sterols and Chsta are(More)
The therapeutic activities of orally administered FK482 were compared with those of reference antibiotics against systemic and local infections with a variety of bacteria in mice and rabbits. In systemic infections in mice, oral FK482 was almost as effective as oral cefaclor (CCL) and more effective than oral cephalexin (CEX) against Staphylococcus aureus,(More)
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