Yatin P. Saraiya

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The replacement of nonlinear recursions with equivalent linear recursions is a potentially useful query optimization strategy, since it permits the use of efficient algorithms for the evaluation of linear logic programs. We show that a member of a certain class of bilinear recursions is linearizable in a strong sense if and only if a specific partial proof(More)
A number of optimizations have been proposed for Datalog programs involving a single intensional predicate (&#8220;single-IDB programs&#8221;). Examples include the detection of <italic>commutativity</italic> and <italic>separability</italic> ([Naug88],[RSUV89], [Ioan89a]) in linear logic programs, and the detection of <italic>ZYT-linearizability</italic>(More)
In this paper, we present our first hand experiences from an actual re-engineering project. Business Reengineering is a process affecting not only the software system involved, but the underlying business model as well. Indeed, i t is the changed business model along with the new technologies that determine the design of the new system. This paper is a walk(More)
The features of logic programming that seem unconventional from the viewpoint of classical logic can be explained in terms of constructivistic logic. We motivate and propose a constructivistic proof theory of non-Horn logic programming. Then, we apply this formalization for establishing results of practical interest. First, we show that 'stratification can(More)
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