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Targeting of proteins for structure determination in structural genomic programs often includes the use of threading and fold recognition methods to exclude proteins belonging to well-populated fold families, but such methods can still fail to recognize preexisting folds. The authors illustrate here a method in which limited amounts of structural data are(More)
This document contains the following supplementary figures and information further describing our bidirectional ITP-based technique for simultaneous purification and fractionation of nucleic acids and proteins from complex biological samples: • Figure S-1: Images of on-chip DNA ITP zones and protein ITP zones • Figure S-2: Experimental setup and procedure •(More)
We report on our efforts to create an on-chip system to simultaneously purify and fractionate nucleic acids and proteins from complex samples using isotachophoresis (ITP). We have developed this technique to simultaneously extract extracellular DNA and proteins from human blood serum samples and deliver these to two separate output reservoirs on a chip. The(More)
We demonstrate a novel assay for physicochemical extraction and isotachophoresis-based purification of 16S rRNA from whole human blood infected with Pseudomonas putida . This on-chip assay is unique in that the extraction can be automated using isotachophoresis in a simple device with no moving parts, it protects RNA from degradation when isolating from(More)
Capacitive deionization (CDI) is a promising desalination technology, which operates at low pressure, low temperature, requires little infrastructure, and has the potential to consume less energy for brackish water desalination. However, CDI devices consume significantly more energy than the theoretical thermodynamic minimum, and this is at least partly due(More)
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