Yatendra Kumar

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Histone acetylation is generally associated with active chromatin, but most studies have focused on the acetylation of histone tails. Various histone H3 and H4 tail acetylations mark the promoters of active genes. These modifications include acetylation of histone H3 at lysine 27 (H3K27ac), which blocks Polycomb-mediated trimethylation of H3K27 (H3K27me3).(More)
3D QSAR analysis for the 21 molecules of 1,3,4-oxadiazoles was carried out by using k-Nearest Neighbor Molecular Field Analysis (kNN-MFA) combined with various selection procedures. 30 3D QSAR models were generated; one of these models was selected on the basis of q(2) and pred_r(2) values. The selected Model has training set of 17 molecules and test set of(More)
CONTEXT Transdermal formulations contain permeation enhancer which causes skin damage. Ceramide 2 is natural lipid found in stratum corneum (SC). OBJECTIVE Drug-loaded nanovesicles of ceramide-2, cholesterol, palmitic acid, cholesteryl sulfate were formulated and analyzed for physical and biological properties. Diclofenac was used as a model drug. (More)
A series of novel (+/-) 3-menthone semi carbazides (1-7) and thiosemicarbazides synthesized using an appropriate synthetic route and characterized by thin layer chromatography and spectral analysis. The anticonvulsant activity of synthesized compounds was established after intraperitoneal administration in three seizure models in mice which include maximal(More)
Mangiferin, a C-glucopyranoside of 1, 3, 6, 7-tetrahydroxyxanthone, has been isolated from various parts of Mangifera indica (Anacardiaceae). The conclusive structure of mangiferin has been established by various researchers using a wide range of chemical and spectral analytical techniques. Mangiferin has been traditionally used in some parts of world as(More)
A series of ten compounds (Compounds J(1)-J(10)) of (±) 3-menthone aryl acid hydrazone was synthesized and characterized by thin layer chromatography and spectral analysis. Synthesized compounds were evaluated for anticonvulsant activity after intraperitoneal (i.p) administration to mice by maximal electroshock (MES) and subcutaneous pentylenetetrazole(More)
A series of metal complexes of Ni(II), and Cu(II) having the general composition [M(L)(2)X(2)] with thiosemicarbazide have been prepared and characterized by elemental chemical analysis, molar conductance, magnetic susceptibility measurements, mass, IR, electron paramagnetic resonance, and electronic spectral studies. The IR spectral data suggest the(More)
UNLABELLED Abstract Context: The vesicles based on skin lipid have a drug localization effect and its main lipid, ceramide provides protective and regenerative effects while oleic acid (OA) is a penetration enhancer, however, it causes slight irritation, so we have formulated formulation incorporating both of these to develop a transdermal formulation for(More)
A series of metal complexes of Zn(II) and Hg(II) having the general composition [M(L)(2)]X(2) [where L = 2-formylpyridine thiosemicarbazone; M = Zn(II) and Hg(II); X = Cl(-), NO(3) (-) and 1/2SO(4) (2-)] have been prepared and characterized by elemental chemical analysis, molar conductance, and spectral (IR and mass) studies. The IR spectral data suggests(More)
Lipid vesicles are an important drug carrier which can serve for controlled delivery of drugs; however, these vesicles are quite unstable at ambient temperature and require stringent storage condition. Present work was done to develop a stable vesicular system for drug delivery. Vesicles of ceramide-2, cholesterol, cholesterol sulfate, and palmitic acid(More)