Yaswanth Rangineni

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The temperature induced melting transition of a self-complementary DNA strand covalently attached at the 5' end to the surface of a gold interdigitated microelectrode (GIME) was monitored in a novel, label-free, manner. The structural state of the hairpin was assessed by measuring four different electronic properties of the GIME (capacitance, impedance,(More)
Si0.5Geo0.5 nanowires have been utilized to fabricate source-drain channels of p-type field effect transistors (p-FETs). These transistors were fabricated using two methods, focused ion beam (FIB) and electron beam lithography (EBL). The electrical analyses of these devices show field effect transistor characteristics. The boron-doped SiGe p-FETs with a(More)
Diodes within individual silicon nanowires were fabricated by doping them during growth to produce p-n junctions. Electron beam lithography was then employed to contact p- and n-doped ends of these nanowires. The current-voltage (I-V) measurements showed diode-like characteristics with a typical threshold voltage (Vt) of about 1 V and an ideality factor (n)(More)
SOI technology has received high attention for the future high density DRAM applications. The two major requirements in any DRAM technology are long retention time and high charging efficiency. This paper discusses the disadvantages of using bulk silicon and Partially Depleted SOI devices in these terms. It is shown that a DRAM cell built with fully(More)
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