Yasuyuki Yasui

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We recently reported that microRNA (miR)-145 is downregulated and induces apoptosis in human bladder cancer cells. Also, it is suggested that the ectopic expression of miR-145 induces apoptosis with the induction of TRAIL expression in several cancer cells. Here, we demonstrated a novel mechanism of apoptosis induction by miR-145 in bladder cancer cells.(More)
Cloning, expression and phenotype studies of the defective gene for delta-aminolaevulinate dehydratase (ALAD) in a family with an asymptomatic girl who had ALAD deficiency were carried out. The proband was identified by neonatal ALAD screening, and had erythrocyte ALAD activity at 12% of the normal control. She was heterozygous for ALAD deficiency, which(More)
Enzymes capable of hydrolyzing the beta-glycosidic linkage between oligosaccharides and ceramides in various glycosphingolipids has been found in microorganisms and invertebrates and designated endoglycoceramidase (EC or ceramide glycanase. Here we report the molecular cloning, characterization, and homology modeling of a novel(More)
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