Yasuyuki Washio

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This paper presents <i>EcoIsland</i>, which is a system persuading individuals and families to change their lifestyle patterns to reduce CO<sub>2</sub> emissions. <i>EcoIsland</i> visualizes the user's current eco-friendly behavior as an island shared by his/her family members. Several persuasive techniques developed in behaviorism, social psychology, and(More)
A significant portion of the carbon dioxide emissions that have been shown to cause global warming are due to household energy consumption and traffic. EcoIsland is a computer system aimed at persuading and assisting individual families in changing their lifestyle patterns in a way that reduces CO2 emissions. The system builds on our earlier work on(More)
This paper aims to discuss the roles for the two types of tracking user behavior. Considering these two types of tracking, sensor based recognition has a great advantage when sensing human activity, but it is not always adequate when tracking in the real world. In this paper, we compare the benefits and drawbacks of sensor-based tracking versus(More)
In recent years, the deteriorations of living habits like immobilization or unhealthy diet are becoming serious social problems in many developed countries. Even if we know the importance, it is difficult to change our undesirable habits and to maintain a desirable lifestyle. This study demonstrates a concept called ambient lifestyle feedback systems to be(More)
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