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Busbar protection is described for a bus with current inputs for up to 32 bays. For busbar protection with IEDs and MUs using IEC61850-9-2 process bus, communication traffic jams are the main concern, due to transferring 80 samples/cycle data from all bay MUs to IED via 100BASE-FX. This paper describes peer-to-peer connection between MUs and IED in order to(More)
Development environments have changed drastically, development periods are shorter than ever and the number of team members has increased. These changes have led to difficulties in controlling the development activities and predicting when the development will end. Especially, quality managers try to control software reliability and project managers try to(More)
It is important for project stakeholders to identify the states of projects and quality of products. Although metrics are useful for identifying them, it is difficult for project stake-holders to select appropriate metrics and determine the purpose of measuring metrics. We propose an approach that defines the measured metrics by GQM method to identify(More)
SUMMARY Recently, the number of multi-homed hosts is getting large, which are equipped with multiple network interfaces to support multiple IP addresses. Although there are several proposals that aim at band-width aggregation for multi-homed hosts, few of them support mobility. This paper proposes a new framework called AMS: Aggregate-bandwidth Multi-homing(More)
Targeted attacks exploiting a zero-day vulnerability are serious threats for many organizations. One reason is that generally available attack tools are very powerful and easy-to-use for attackers. In this paper, we propose <i>n-ROPdetector</i> that detects ROP (Return-Oriented Programming) attack code on the network side. ROP is a core technique used in(More)
  • Y Tanaka
  • 1979
In order to analyze qualitative observations, methods of quantification or optimal scaling have been proposed by Fisher, Guttman, and Hayashi. According to these methods, scores are assigned optimally in some objective and operational sense to the qualitative categories. The present paper mainly reviews Hayashi's four methods of quantification from the(More)
A Diagnosis explains why a program fails. Making a correct diagnosis is necessary for debugging a practical program, but it requires many efforts to comprehend the program. Supporting program comprehension for making a diagnosis is thus very important Maintainers usually try to comprehend their programs by interacting with debugging tools that permit access(More)