Yasuyuki Nakano

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The antifungal activity of beta-thujaplicin was evaluated against 51 Malassezia pachydermatis strains isolated from canine ear canals with or without otitis externa. For comparison, sensitivity tests were performed on M. pachydermatis isolates for nystatin, ketoconazole, and terbinafine HCl, all clinically available antifungal agents. The minimal inhibition(More)
An eardrop solution of beta-thujaplicin was examined for therapeutic effects on canine Malassezia-related otitis externa. Half to one ml of beta-thujaplicin solution of 100 microg/ml including DMSO 2% was injected everyday into both external ear canals of 31 cases for test-of-cure agreement. Fifteen score phases were established from the symptoms and(More)
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