Yasuyuki Kosaka

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Wild Edible Herbs in Paddy Fields and Their Sale in a Mixture in Houaphan Province, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Multiple wild edible herbs coexist in paddy fields under the agricultural practices used for growing rice. Paddy field vegetation was surveyed and the rural population’s perceptions and use of wild edible herbs were investigated in the(More)
Microbiological profiles during the processing of heshiko, produced by aging salted mackerel with rice bran for over seven months, were investigated in connection with the production of organic acids and volatile basic nitrogen (VBN). Viable counts in commercial heshiko samples were in the range of 104–107 cfu/g in 2.5% NaCl-GYP agar medium, and over 80% of(More)
To elucidate the role of microbes and endogenous proteases in the formation of the taste-active components during processing of heshiko, a Japanese traditional seafood produced by aging salted mackerel with rice bran, the production of lactic acid, free amino acids, and acid-soluble peptides throughout the aging process was compared in the absence and(More)
OBJECTIVE Prevalence of hypertension was examined in a widely dispersed (45 110 km(2)) representative group of Ladakhi in Northern India. The influence of hypoxic environment of wide-ranged altitude (2600-4900 m) and lifestyle change on hypertension was studied. METHODS 2800 participants (age 20-94 years) were enrolled. Systolic blood pressure ≥140 mm Hg(More)
OBJECTIVES To clarify the association between glucose intolerance and high altitudes (2900-4800 m) in a hypoxic environment in Tibetan highlanders and to verify the hypothesis that high altitude dwelling increases vulnerability to diabetes mellitus (DM) accelerated by lifestyle change or ageing. DESIGN Cross-sectional epidemiological study on Tibetan(More)
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