Yasuyuki Kobashi

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In recent years, fluorescence analysis of scenes has received attention. Fluorescence can provide additional information about scenes, and has been used in applications such as camera spectral sensitivity estimation, 3D reconstruction, and color relighting. In particular, hyperspectral images of reflective-fluorescent scenes provide a rich amount of data.(More)
We prospectively assessed the diagnostic accuracy of non-contrast-enhanced MR venography using both the flow-refocused fresh-blood imaging (FR-FBI) and the swap phase-encode arterial double-subtraction elimination (SPADE) techniques for detecting deep vein thrombosis (DVT), as compared using conventional X-ray venography as the reference standard. Forty-one(More)
Three noncontrast-enhanced MR venography techniques are presented for assessing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) at 0.5 T in patients with metallic implants. Two cardiac-gated 3D half-Fourier FSE fresh blood imaging sequences with flow-refocusing pulses (FR-FBI) in the read-out (RO) direction and without FR pulses (non-FR-FBI) were developed for slower-flowing(More)
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