Yasuyuki Kimura

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For K-shell photoionization of neon dimers, we report Ne 1s photoelectron angular distributions for Ne2++Ne+ and Ne++Ne+ channels exhibiting quite different patterns. Noninversion-symmetric patterns of the former obtained by the fast interatomic Coulombic decay of Auger final states show direct evidence of core-hole localization. Dipolar patterns of the(More)
We studied the orientational order of one-patch colloidal particles (Janus particles) in a close-packed monolayer. In an experiment on hemispherically patched particles, we realized a highly ordered zigzag stripe pattern by inducing directional growth of the pattern via a phase transition of the solvent. Upon spontaneous ordering by strengthening the(More)
Thermal convection and thermophoresis induced by mum-scale local heating are shown to elongate a single DNA molecule. An infrared laser used as a point heat source is converged into a dispersion solution of DNA molecules, which is observed under a fluorescent microscope. The thermal convection around the laser focus manifests as extensional flow for the(More)
Laser trapping of micrometer-sized objects floating in water is investigated through the use of a tilted laser beam. With a change in the tilt direction, the orientation of the trapped object can be easily controlled when the object has an asymmetric body or nonuniform refractive index, such as nanowires, living cells, and so on. The method enables(More)
We measure the dependence of the interparticle force F on the distance R between two colloidal particles with hyperbolic hedgehog defects in a nematic liquid crystal using optical tweezers. The particle-defect pair can be regarded as an elastic "dipole" in the electrostatic analogy. In a parallel configuration, where the dipole vectors are parallel with(More)
Viscoelastic properties of complex fluids in the microscopic scale can be studied by measuring the transport properties of small, embedded probe particles. We have measured the complex electrophoretic mobility micro*(omega) of nanometer-sized particles dispersed in a lyotropic lamellar phase, which shows two relaxation processes at approximately 1 kHz (high(More)
The local and slow dynamics of a colloidal particle dispersed in a hyperswollen lyotropic lamellar phase was studied by passive and active microrheological methods. According to observation by a particle-tracking video microscopy, the motion of a particle follows a normal diffusion process in a lamellar phase with a large interlayer distance. However,(More)
We have experimentally and theoretically studied the interparticle force between two colloidal particles with different sizes accompanied by hyperbolic hedgehog defects in a nematic liquid crystal. The force f was directly measured using dual-beam optical tweezers and calculated theoretically from the equilibrium tensor field around the particles. The(More)
Benzene and fluorobenzene molecules were multiply ionized through Auger decay following from the C 1s or the F 1s photoionization and their subsequent dissociations were studied utilizing position-sensitive time-of-flight measurements. The angular correlation between the momenta of (H(+)-H(+)) and (H(+)-F(+)) fragment ions derived from the multiply ionized(More)
We have studied the phase separation of a binary mixture of a polymer and a nematic liquid crystal at a dilute polymer concentration. Various types of regular self-assemblies of polymer droplets such as branched chains and zigzag chains have been observed in addition to the previously reported straight chains. The kinetic process of the self-assembly is(More)