Yasuyuki Furukawa

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AbstTact-This paper deals with the supervised learning. In many problems, the training data contains only the final judgment information in conjunction with the input data, but in some problems, more information needs to be extracted from the training data. A typical example is a medical diagnosis. The objective of this paper is to give the user internal(More)
In the isolated, blood-perfused, canine right atrium, stimulation of the intramural autonomic nerves evoked negative chronotropic and inotropic responses. The responses were not maintained at a constant level during tonic neural stimulation, but they tended to drift back toward their control levels. These time-dependent changes in the cardiac responses were(More)
1. The pacemaker site is known to shift away from the sinoatrial (SA) node in response to autonomic stimuli. 2. To test whether the shifting of the impulse-initiation site that occurs during autonomic nerve stimulation can be explained by the spatial distributions of beta-adrenoceptor and muscarinic receptors, we obtained densities (B(max)) and dissociation(More)
In the isolated, blood-perfused canine right atrium, which was pretreated with propranolol, negative chronotropic and inotropic responses were evoked by stimulation of the intramural parasympathetic nerve fibers or by intra-arterial infusion of acetylcholine (ACh). Successive cholinergic interventions were applied; first, a conditioning intervention for 2(More)
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