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We focus on research to develop a compact human blood sampling device used for the Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG). The SMBG comprises: (1) an indentation system using a shape memory alloy (SMA) actuator to force a microneedle through the skin; (2) a micro electrical pumping system to extract blood using a bimorph type piezoelectric microactuator;(More)
This paper presents parallel multi-scale piezoelectric finite element (FE) analyses of piezoelectric ceramics by using the scanning electron microscope (SEM) and the electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) measured crystal morphology model based on the crystallographic homogenization method. Since coefficient matrix of FE equation for the electromechanical(More)
Recently, the lead free piezoelectric material, which could be used for the actuator and the sensor of medical care devices, such as the health monitoring system (HMS) and the drug delivery system (DDS), is strongly required. In this study, we try to find a new biocompatible and lead-free piezoelectric material, by using the three-scale(More)
Biomedical Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (Bio-MEMS) have been applied to the development of a variety of health care related products including health Monitoring Systems (HMS) and Drug Delivery Systems (DDS). We focus on research to develop the new type compact medical device used for blood sugar control. The new type compact medical device comprises (1)(More)
Since the multi-scale finite element analysis (FEA) requires large computation time, development of the parallel computing technique for the multi-scale analysis is inevitable. A parallel elastic/crystalline viscoplastic FEA code based on a crystallographic homogenization method has been developed using PC cluster. The homogenization scheme is introduced to(More)
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