Yasutomo Nomura

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Mitochondria are known to be one of major organelles within a cell and to play a crucial role in many cellular functions. These organelles show the dynamic behaviors such as fusion, fission and the movement along cytoskeletal tracks. Besides mitochondria, mitochondrial DNA is also highly motile. Molecular analysis revealed that several proteins are involved(More)
In a previous communication, Tajima et al. (1957) described how viruses of the psittacosislymphogranuloma group seem to have two different modes of multiplication in their developmental cycle. One is analogous to the intracellular development of pox viruses described by Morgan et al. (1954) and Tajima and Kubota (1956). In this mode, a pre-existing(More)
The morphology of viruses of the psittacosislymphogranuloma group, including their developmental cycle, has been studied by many investigators. Bedson (1933), Bedson and Bland (1932, 1934), and Bland and Canti (1935) described, from their observations on different developmental forms, that psittacosis virus undergoes a complex developmental cycle and that(More)
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