Yasutomo Araki

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The choices for practical monitoring of free jejunal transfer have been quite limited because of its own characteristics, such as buried form, lack of skin surface, and the structure of a hollow viscous tract. Physiologically, it is known that tissue hypoxia caused by compromised perfusion leads to an increase of partial pressure of carbon dioxide (PCO2).(More)
We report a unique case of cholesterol granuloma (CG) surrounding the endolymphatic sac (ES). A 49-year-old man presented with the left side of sensorineural hearing loss, tinnitus, and vertigo. Magnetic resonance and computed tomography imaging revealed a CG surrounding the left ES. The patient initially underwent left transmastoid surgical resection of(More)
Drop attacks are sudden falls without concurrent vertigo whose etiology may be unknown. Drop attacks are also associated with cardiac, cerebrovascular, psychogenic, and vestibular disorders, in addition to seizures. Vestibular-based drop attacks without loss of consciousness can occur in patients with Meniere's disease. We present 2 cases of drop attack in(More)
Penetration of the maxillary sinus floor membrane during sinus lift occasionally induces maxillary sinusitis. However, maxillary sinusitis may still develop even when its floor membrane has been kept intact during such procedures. The decisive factor for the occurrence of maxillary sinusitis is not the integrity of the membrane; more important is the(More)
We encountered an 81-year-old Japanese man with oncocytoma of the parotid gland occurring simultaneously with a Warthin's tumor in the ipsilateral parotid gland. The patient complained of swelling in the right infra-auricular region. Computed tomographic images, magnetic resonance images, and ultrasonography showed two masses in the right parotid gland.(More)
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