Yasutaka Fujita

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Inconsistent islet isolation is one of the issues of clinical islet transplantation. In the current study, we applied ductal injection to improve the consistency of islet isolation. Seven islet isolations were performed with the ductal injection of ET-Kyoto solution (DI group) and eight islet isolations were performed without the ductal injection (standard(More)
OBJECT Intraoperative bleeding often obscures the surgical field and may cause neurological damage. The irrigation fluids used during surgery might affect physiological hemostasis because they modulate the extracellular fluid composition of the bleeding area directly. The authors therefore investigated the influence of irrigation fluid on hemostasis in a(More)
BACKGROUND Although culturing islets before transplantation provides flexibility for evaluation of isolated islets and pretreatment of patients, it is well-known that isolated islets deteriorate rapidly in culture. In this study, we evaluated optimal temperature for culture/preservation of isolated human islets before transplantation. METHODS Isolated(More)
PURPOSE Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is an effective treatment for depression and schizophrenia. However, there is a high rate of relapse after an initial response to ECT, even with antidepressant or antipsychotic maintenance therapy. This study was carried out to examine the factors that influence the risk of relapse in schizophrenic patients after a(More)
Total or partial pancreatectomy followed by autologous islet transplantation is a therapeutic option for the treatment of refractory chronic pancreatitis (CP). Maximization of islet yields from fibrotic and inflamed organs is crucial for prevention of posttransplant diabetes. We adapted technical advancements developed for islet allotransplantation toward(More)
(1) The so-called inactivation response (IR), i.e. a prolonged (duration, 40-80 msec) and large (magnitude, more than 20 mV) depolarization of the cell membrane with superposed spike burst exhibiting a strong tendency of spike inactivation, was studied with an intracellular microelectrode in hippocampal pyramidal cells of rabbits, which were anesthetized(More)
(1) Depolarizing after-potentials (DAPs) of hippocampal pyramidal cells were studied with intracellular microelectrodes in rabbits anesthetized with Nembutal and, in addition, curaized. (2) DAPs were classifiedl into two types. One was linearly related in magnitude to the spike and the membrane potential of the cell body while the other was not. Therefore,(More)
BACKGROUND This study was conducted to investigate how various irrigation fluids used during neurosurgical procedures affect the degree of postoperative brain edema and cellular damage during experimental neurosurgery in rats. METHODS The cerebral cortex was exposed and incised crosswise with a surgical knife under irrigation with an artificial CSF,(More)
Context. Measurements of intracluster gas temperatures out to large radii, where much of the galaxy cluster mass resides, are important for using clusters for precision cosmology and for studies of cluster physics. Previous attempts to measure robust temperatures at cluster virial radii have failed. Aims. The goal of this work is to measure the temperature(More)
CHOLINESTERASE INHIBITORS (CHEI) are recommended for cognitive decline and behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia in patients with dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB). We present a case relating the efficacy of low-dose donepezil for DLB. The patient was a 74-year-old Japanese woman who showed cognitive decline, visual hallucinations, and delusions(More)