Yasushi Sugama

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We evaluated the diagnostic usefulness of measurement of the soluble cytokeratin 19 fragment, a new tumor marker, in 391 patients with lung cancer and in 424 patients with benign lung diseases. Serum concentrations of cytokeratin 19 fragment were measured by a sandwich ELISA (CYFRA). The cut-off value was defined as 3.5 ng/ml, which is associated with a(More)
The recent molecular cloning of the complementary DNA encoding T cell--replacing factor (TRF) has demonstrated that a single molecule is responsible for B cell growth factor II (BCGF-II) activity and eosinophil differentiation activity. It has been proposed that this molecule be called interleukin 5 (IL-5). We previously reported that purified rIL-5(More)
The significance of ultrasonography was tested in evaluation of cancerous invasion into the pleura and chest wall in patients with lung cancer. The degree of the invasion was ultrasonographically classified into four grades, that is, uP-0, uP-1, uP-2 and uP-3, corresponding with the classification proposed by the Japan Lung Cancer Society, which is graded(More)
The mediastinum was studied by endoscopic ultrasonography in 121 lung cancer patients. This method facilitates the observation of the lymph nodes, the large vessels and heart in the mediastinum in real time and dynamically. In this paper, the orientation of mediastinal lymph nodes was ultrasonographically studied. This method can detect lymph nodes as small(More)
It is unclear whether tumour markers are generally increased in the serum and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) of patients with pulmonary alveolar proteinosis (PAP). To clarify this point, levels of tumour markers were measured in the serum and BALF of patients with PAP. Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) antigen, carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), and(More)
The value of ultrasonic examination and ultrasonically guided needle biopsy (UGNB) of mediastinal masses was investigated in 45 patients. Fifteen of the masses were malignant and 30 were benign. The diagnoses were histologically confirmed by examination of surgical or autopsy specimens. Only teratoma could be confidently diagnosed by ultrasonography alone.(More)
The significance of ultrasonography in the evaluation of metastasized neck and supraclavicular lymph nodes from lung cancer was analyzed. By ultrasonography, the lymph nodes could be visualized clearly as low-echogenic round areas, and the size could be precisely measured in three dimensions. It was also possible to diagnose whether or not the lymph node(More)
Recently, not only still pictures but also moving pictures are displayed on the PDAs or cellular phones. When we take a look such pictures, the picture quality seems to be better than those on the CRTs or the large LCDs. In order to clarify the reason, we have investigated the relationship between the subjective quality of different size of pictures with(More)
We propose a novel projection based markerless AR system that realizes multiple virtual tablets. This system detects position and posture of any rectangular objects, projects GUI to these objects, and detects touch gesture on objects. As a result, by using this system, we do not need any smart devices, but only a mere rectangular object, e.g. tissue box,(More)
It is well known that patients with diffuse panbronchiolitis (DPB) have various immunological abnormalities. The authors evaluated the peripheral lymphocyte subsets using two-color analysis by FACS. Convening percentages of activated CD3+, CD8+, and CD4+ cells in DPB patients, all, especially that of CD8+ cell, were greater in number before therapy compared(More)