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GenK-catalyzed C-6' methylation in the biosynthesis of gentamicin: isolation and characterization of a cobalamin-dependent radical SAM enzyme.
In vitro activity of GenK, a Cbl-dependent radical SAM enzyme that methylates an unactivated sp(3) carbon during the biosynthesis of gentamicin, an aminoglycoside antibiotic, is demonstrated and one mechanistic possibility for the GenK reaction can be ruled out. Expand
Saltiness and acidity: detection and recognition thresholds and their interaction near the threshold.
Both the detection and recognition thresholds of salt were decreased with the existence of the added vinegar ingredient (P < 0.001), and this tendency was more pronounced with rice black vinegar than with rice vinegar. Expand
Phenolic compounds responsible for the superoxide dismutase-like activity in high-Brix apple vinegar.
High-Brix apple vinegar with palatable drinking qualities has been developed using a greater amount of apple ingredients, and the active constituents were well maintained, providing an advantage in the production of a phenol-rich product. Expand
Cloning, sequencing, and functional analysis of the biosynthetic gene cluster of macrolactam antibiotic vicenistatin in Streptomyces halstedii.
A unique feature of the vicenistatin PKS is that the loading module contains only an acyl carrier protein domain, in contrast to other known PKS-loading modules containing certain activation domains. Expand
A biosynthetic pathway for BE-7585A, a 2-thiosugar-containing angucycline-type natural product.
The results indicated an unusual manner of angular tetracyclic ring construction, perhaps via a Baeyer-Villiger type rearrangement, which set the stage for future biochemical studies of 2-thiosugar biosynthesis and BE-7585A assembly. Expand
Radical SAM enzymes in the biosynthesis of sugar-containing natural products.
BtrN and DesII represent the two most extensively characterized radical SAM enzymes involved in carbohydrate biosynthesis and their mechanisms of catalysis, the questions that have arisen during investigations and the insight they can offer for furthering the understanding of radical SAM enzymology are summarized. Expand
Fermentation-induced changes in the concentrations of organic acids, amino acids, sugars, and minerals and superoxide dismutase-like activity in tomato vinegar
ABSTRACT Various raw materials are used to produce vinegars that contain functional compounds associated with disease prevention. We evaluated changes in functional compounds during tomato vinegarExpand
High production of ergothioneine in Escherichia coli using the sulfoxide synthase from Methylobacterium strains.
We previously constructed a heterologous production system for ergothioneine (ERG) in Escherichia coli using five ERG biosynthesis genes (egtABCDE) from Mycobacterium smegmatis. However, significantExpand
Synthesis of Acylborons by Ozonolysis of Alkenylboronates: Preparation of an Enantioenriched Amino Acid Acylboronate.
A concise synthesis of acylborons was achieved by ozonolysis of alkenyl MIDA (N-methyliminodiacetic acid) boronates. This reaction exhibits excellent functional-group tolerance and is applicable toExpand