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Successful treatment of a patient with rheumatoid arthritis and IgA-κ multiple myeloma with tocilizumab.
A 63-year-old woman receiving tumor necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitors for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) was found to have smoldering IgA-kappa type multiple myeloma (MM). Retrospective examination ofExpand
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The levels of soluble ST2 in sera and bullous fluid from patients with bullous pemphigoid.
Soluble ST2 (sST2) is a soluble form of the transmembrane receptor for interleukin (IL)-33, ST2L, and is a member of the IL-1 receptor family. sST2 antagonizes IL-33-ST2L signaling by competing withExpand
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The effect and possible clinical efficacy of in vivo inhibition of neutrophil extracellular traps by blockade of PI3K-gamma on the pathogenesis of microscopic polyangiitis
Abstract Objective: Neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) are peculiar structures composed of the externalized chromatin with intracellular proteins and formed by activated neutrophils in a reactiveExpand
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Pyoderma gangrenosum associated with Takayasu's arteritis without typical symptoms.
Auteur(s) : Ken Futaki1, Mayumi Komine2, Satomi Hosoda2, Miho Hirashima2, Hideto Yokokura2, Tomoko Yamada2, Satoru Murata2, Yasushi Matsuyama3, Takao Nagashima3, Hiroyuki Nara3, Seiji Minota3,Expand
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Does changing from a teacher-centered to a learner-centered context promote self-regulated learning: a qualitative study in a Japanese undergraduate setting
BackgroundPrevious studies indicate that a teacher-centered context could hinder undergraduates from self-regulated learning (SRL), whereas a learner-centered context could promote SRL. However, SRLExpand
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A first report of East Asian students’ perception of progress testing: a focus group study
BackgroundProgress testing (PT) is used in Western countries to evaluate students’ level of functional knowledge, and to enhance meaning-oriented and self-directed learning. However, the use of PTExpand
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Glucocorticoid-induced normotensive scleroderma renal crisis: a report on two cases and a review of the literature in Japan.
We herein report the findings of 2 cases of normotensive scleroderma renal crisis (SRC) that developed soon after the commencement of a glucocorticoid therapy. We also review 8 cases of normotensiveExpand
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Contextual attributes promote or hinder self-regulated learning: A qualitative study contrasting rural physicians with undergraduate learners in Japan
Abstract Background and objectives: Previous studies support the notion that East Asian medical students do not possess sufficient self-regulation for postgraduate clinical training. However, someExpand
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Successful re-administration of imatinib without recurrence of tumor lysis syndrome in a patient with peritoneal gastrointestinal stromal tumor.
A 69-year-old man with disseminated peritoneal gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) developed tumor lysis syndrome (TLS) during imatinib therapy. Although the TLS improved after imatinib therapy wasExpand
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Using text mining to analyze reflective essays from Japanese medical students after rural community placement
Background Following community clinical placements, medical students use reflective writing to discover the story of their journey to becoming medical professionals. However, because of assessor biasExpand
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