Yasushi Itoi

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The diketone compound, benzil is reduced to (S)-benzoin with living Bacillus cereus cells. Recently, we isolated a gene responsible for benzil reduction, and Escherichia coli cells in which this gene was overexpressed transformed benzil to (S)-benzoin. Although this benzil reductase showed high identity to the short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR)(More)
Benzil was reduced stereospecifically to (S)-benzoin by Bacillus cereus strain Tim-r01. To isolate the gene responsible for asymmetric reduction, we constructed a library consisting of Escherichia coli clones that harbored plasmids expressing Bacillus cereus genes. The library was screened using the halo formation assay, and one clone showed benzil(More)
An outbreak of echovirus type 30 infection associated with aseptic meningitis occurred among newborn babies in a hospital neonatal room at Fukui City in 1983. The isolated virus was identified as an antigenic variant of echovirus type 30 by cross-neutralization tests with antisera against the prototype Bastianni strain and the present isolate. Western blot(More)
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