Yasushi Ishihara

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We investigated the behaviour of siloxanes, which adversely affect biogas engines, as well as their concentration levels in sewage sludge biogas in Japan. We also performed experiments on the absorptive removal of siloxanes using various adsorbents and determined the main adsorbent characteristics required for the removal of siloxanes. The results of our(More)
It has been recognized that even weakly coupled subduction zones may cause large interplate earthquakes leading to destructive tsunamis. The Ryukyu Trench is one of the best fields to study this phenomenon, since various slow earthquakes and tsunamis have occurred; yet the fault structure and seismic activity there are poorly constrained. Here we present(More)
UV-H2O2 process is widely used as an advanced oxidation process (AOP) for the treatment of chlorine volatile organic compounds (CVOCs) such as dichloromethane (DCM) with strong oxidativity of hydroxyl radical generated from photolysis of H2O2. The result of DCM degradation rate at different initial concentrations in UV-H2O2 processes indicated the(More)
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