Yasushi Hoshino

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Wireless LANs using radio waves have recently gained popularity for installation in hospitals. Because electromagnetic waves transmitted from mobile telephones have been shown to cause interference with medical electronic equipment, prudence would seem necessary when introducing radio wave communication devices into hospitals. Therefore, we tested the(More)
Insufficient research on electromagnetic interference (EMI) with medical electronic equipment by the signals of wireless LAN has been done. Therefore, electromagnetic compatibility between medical electronic equipment and wireless LAN data communications was done (IEEE802.11a, b, and g). First, to determine if medical electronic equipment is affected by EMI(More)
Fatty acids are a promising raw material for substance production because of their highly reduced and anhydrous nature, which can provide higher fermentation yields than sugars. However, they are insoluble in water and are poorly utilized by microbes in industrial fermentation production. We used fatty acids as raw materials for l-lysine fermentation by(More)
An electrophotographic printer using a light-emitting diode (LED) array light-scanning technology has been developed. This printer has the following features 1) compactness (40-cm width x 50- cm depth x 25-cm height, 2) high printing speed (3 s/letter size), and 3) high resolution (10 lines/mm). To realize this printer, two key elements have been developed.(More)
Corona charging is widely used for charging dielectric surfaces. It is desirable to attain precise and uniform surface voltage in its application. A corona charging method using a mesh grid is described. It is found that the corona current control characteristics by mesh grid can be expressed by a nondimensional parameter¿the corona current transmission(More)
In our daily activities, at work and elsewhere, we are always benefiting from the advantages of materials recorded on paper. In the office, our work is based on the use of reports, memos, circulars, and other documents. And in recent years, it has become common practice to print out documents created on a computer, or information downloaded from the(More)
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