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Irinotecan unexpectedly causes severe toxicity of leukopenia or diarrhea. Irinotecan is metabolized to form active SN-38, which is further conjugated and detoxified by UDP-glucuronosyltransferase (UGT) 1A1 enzyme. Genetic polymorphisms of the UGT1A1 would affect an interindividual variation of the toxicity by irinotecan via the alternation of(More)
Only a small proportion of the mouse genome is transcribed into mature messenger RNA transcripts. There is an international collaborative effort to identify all full-length mRNA transcripts from the mouse, and to ensure that each is represented in a physical collection of clones. Here we report the manual annotation of 60,770 full-length mouse complementary(More)
We have recently developed sensitive and specific radioimmunoassays (RIAs) for salmon gonadotropin-releasing hormone (sGnRH) and chicken GnRH-II (cGnRH-II) and have measured the contents of both GnRHs in the rainbow trout brain. Our results showed that contents of the two GnRHs are variable among different brain regions. Therefore, in order to confirm the(More)
A new peptide having gonadotropin-releasing activity distinct from the known luteinizing hormone-releasing hormones ( LHRHs ) has been identified in a chicken hypothalamic extract. The existence of [Gln8]LHRH in avian hypothalamus has been reported previously. The new molecular species of gonadotropin-releasing activity, named chicken gonadotropin-releasing(More)
We have developed sensitive and specific radioimmunoassays (RIA) for salmon gonadotropin-releasing hormone (sGnRH) and chicken GnRH-II (cGnRH-II). Synthetic sGnRH and cGnRH-II(2-10) were conjugated to bovine serum albumin and injected into rabbits to raise specific antisera. The antiserum against sGnRH showed cross-reactivities of 1.58 and 0.08% for(More)
From January 1976 to December 1990, 66 high tibial osteotomies for medial gonarthrosis were performed in 59 patients. Thirty knees of 26 patients (18 women and 8 men) were reviewed after a mean follow-up period of 15.3 years (range, 10-24 years). The mean age of these 26 patients was 59 years at the time of operation and 75.5 years at the latest follow-up.(More)
Accuracy in the assessment of performance status by oncologists has not been well evaluated. We investigated possible discrepancies in the assessment of performance status among patients, nurses, and oncologists, and evaluated the prognostic importance of each assessment. Two hundred and six inpatients with inoperable, advanced non-small cell lung cancer(More)
Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) with acetazolamide challenge has increasingly been used for evaluating hemodynamic reserve in stroke patients. The accuracy of this test, however, has not been validated with positron emission tomography (PET). In 14 patients who had occlusive disease of the internal carotid artery or the trunk of the(More)
The RIKEN Mouse Gene Encyclopaedia Project, a systematic approach to determining the full coding potential of the mouse genome, involves collection and sequencing of full-length complementary DNAs and physical mapping of the corresponding genes to the mouse genome. We organized an international functional annotation meeting (FANTOM) to annotate the first(More)
A combination of hypoparathyroidism, sensorineural deafness, and renal dysplasia has been considered to be a new syndrome inherited in an autosomal dominant fashion; we name the condition "HDR syndrome." We describe a Japanese girl who has HDR syndrome associated with de novo del(10)(p13). The chromosome deletion suggests that the putative gene(s)(More)