Yasushi Fujimura

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We have fabricated a compact 224-Gb/s dual-polarization 16-ary quadrature amplitude modulation (DP-16QAM) modulator module consisting of InP-based Mach-Zehnder modulators (MZMs), linear driver ICs and polarization multiplexing micro-optics. We have demonstrated a very low power dissipation of 3.2 W with comparable performance to LiNbO<sub>3</sub>-based(More)
The 100 Gbit/s compact transmitter module for CFP4 is presented for the first time, where the optical multiplexer, quad-channel LD driver, and four laser diodes are all integrated in the small package. The very clear eye openings at 25 Gbit/s are confirmed with very low power consumption up to 1.2 W in the case temperature range from -10 to 75 degC.
A high-bandwidth micro intradyne coherent receiver for 64 GBaud data rate using InP-based 90&#x00B0; hybrid integrated with photodiodes is demonstrated. The package is compliant with OIF Micro-ICR implementation agreement. A 3 dB bandwidth of 40 GHz with differential transimpedance of 4500 ohm and high average responsivity more than 70 mA/W within the(More)
With the dissemination of smartphones and tablet PCs, as well as the spread of cloud services, the communication volume has dramatically increased. In response to the surge in demand for fast and small optical transceivers, 100 Gbit/s optical transceivers, such as the CFP,*1 have been commercialized. To increase the transceiver port density and expand the(More)
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