Yasuo Yahagi

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Recent diversity in multicell upset (MCU) of CMOS SRAMs are reviewed and scaling effects are discussed. Space and time domain automatic classification techniques are developed and applied to single event upsets (SEUs) of 130nm SRAM under quasi-mono energetic neutron irradiation at TSL and CYRIC. Tests show very high dependency of MCU features on data(More)
Tohoku Electric Power Co.(Tohoku EPCO) is promoting introduction of the distribution automation(DA) system which is effective for maintenance and control of electric power quality, suppression of investment for installations and improvement of business efficiency. But, in suburbs and mountain areas where power demand density is low, installation cost of(More)
In recent CMOS devices, multi-cell error induced by cosmic neutron, in which memory state change extends over multiple memory cells, is becoming serious. However, its mechanism has not been clarified yet because conventional analysis by device simulation has not included multiple memory cells domain. Our novel method is to create the device model including(More)
Terrestrial neutron is being recognized as a major source of single event effects (SEEs) including soft-error of semi-conductor devices at the ground level. As semiconductor device scaling nose-dives into sub 100nm, the possible threat from single event effects is apparently growing onto IT systems that require a great number of electron devices. The modes(More)
An intense (7)Li(p,n) neutron source was installed with the K = 110-MeV azimuthally varying field (AVF) cyclotron at the Cyclotron and Radioisotope Center (CYRIC), Tohoku University, by employing a special arrangement to allow a short target-sample distance down to 1 m. The source can deliver a neutron flux around 1.5 x 10(6) n cm(-2) s(-1) with a lithium(More)
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