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Evaluation of the properties for quasi-monoenergetic neutron calibration fields of high energies more than 20 MeV at TIARA is proceeding for development of the field. Among the properties needed for the development as the standard calibration field, we report on measurement of the neutron beam profile using an imaging plate with a polyethylene converter and(More)
A 58-year-old male visited the Kochi Municipal Central Hospital on May 17, 1984. A barium meal study and endoscopy revealed a huge crater surrounded by a thick embankment on the posterior wall of the stomach body. Biopsy specimens taken from the lesion revealed tubular adenocarcinoma, UFT (600 mg/day) and anti-tuberculous drugs were administered due to the(More)
Modeling of 3-D Joint Set Interpretation In order to estimate rock joint parameters, such as strikes and dips which geologists often inspect on site andlor calculate through 3-D joint surface recognition by use of stereo-photo system, an image processing algorithm of joint set modeling which simply simulates their interpretation is designed. Comparing(More)
Between Jan., 1975 and Jan., 1983, mass screening for gastric cancer by (vehicles) equipped with X-ray apparatus was carried out on 58,103 inhabitants over 40 years old (15.4% of the inhabitants) in Kochi Prefecture. As a result, 9,193 (12.2%) were suspected of being affected by gastroduodenal diseases. 87 of these were diagnosed as gastric cancer by(More)
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