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(Abstract) This study is a first attempt of shedding a light on market dynamics in Japanese retail industry at establishment level using micro dataset from census survey. Entry and exit of establishment and its impact on productivity is investigated by using Retail and Wholesale Census by METI in 1997 and 2002. It is found that a substantial number of gross(More)
This paper empirically investigates what determine bargaining power between a lender and a borrower who have continuing transactional relationships. Bargaining power is proxied by which side of the transaction, i.e. the lender or the borrower, usually incurs a shoe-leather cost when they have contact. The proxy is regressed on three types of variables that(More)
This paper rigorously justifies the approximation of aggregate imita-tional behavior in large populations by the deterministic dynamics given by Bjönerstedt and Weibull. We first clarify what models fit their formulation, in which the stochastic dynamics depends only on the average frequencies of strategies in populations. Then we show that the stochastic(More)
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