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BACKGROUND This study examined the clinical value of intraoperative peritoneal lavage for cytological examination in patients with gastric cancer. Peritoneal dissemination is the most frequent mode of recurrence for this tumor. METHODS A retrospective of lavage findings, other factors, and outcome was performed in 1,297 patients with gastric cancer who(More)
A 66-year-old Japanese woman presented with intestinal obstruction and right-sided hydronephrosis. Although upper gastrointestinal endoscopy demonstrated signet-ring cell gastric carcinoma, colonoscopy and barium enema study yielded findings mimicking Crohn's disease in the colon, that is, skipping longitudinal ulcer scarlike strictures, cobblestone(More)
The current study aimed to identify risk factors for atrial fibrillation (AF) detected during routine medical checkups of male workers in Japan. A nested case-control study was conducted using retrospective data from January 1998 to December 2006 collected at a hospital in Ishikawa Prefecture. Cases were those first diagnosed with AF with no record of AF(More)
One hundred-twenty-one cases of curative resection for gastric cancer with lymph node metastasis were analyzed to determine the prognostic value of the nodal stage (n), number of metastatic lymph nodes, maximum diameter of metastatic lymph nodes, micrometastasis of lymph nodes, histological type of lymph node metastasis, extranodular invasion and(More)
The effectiveness of various forms of therapy for chronic pancreatitis during the past fourteen years at our clinic was presented. Forty-nine patients underwent surgical treatment and twenty-six were treated medically, a total of seventy-five. The surgical procedures were classified as direct and indirect. Therapeutic results were better in the surgical(More)
By these stabilities, this enzyme could be distinguished from previously reported Kallikreins and dog pancreatic Trypsin. Moleculer weight of this enzyme was calculated about 30000~50000. It is discussed that physiolosically this active enzyme may play a role as a mediator of functional dilatation of the exocrine pancreas. Acute pathological state of the(More)
Eleven patients after total pancreatectomy and 68 patients after pancreatoduodenectomy were reviewed for evaluating the importance of nutritional management after massive resection of the pancreas. Nutritional supply by IVH resulted in maintaining and improving the hepatic function under obstructive jaundice in clinical and experimental studies.(More)