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Central nervous system (CNS) relapse is an uncommon devastating complication of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) that usually occurs within 2 years from initial diagnosis. Its pathophysiology is poorly understood and there is no consensus on the definition of high-risk patients for CNS relapse. Consequently, an empirical and highly variable practice of(More)
Eighty-six cases of renal papillary necrosis (RPN) published in Japan over the years 1949-1980 were studied. While several hundreds cases of RPN were reported in certain European countries and the USA, only 5 cases were published in Japan up until 1960. However, the number of case reports has increased to 28 over the 5 year period of 1976-1980. The ratio of(More)
Combined pegylated interferon (PEG-IFN)+ribavirin (RBV) therapy has been used as a primary treatment for chronic hepatitis C. However, IFN-induced autoimmune disease, including type 1 diabetes mellitus, has been highlighted as one of the problems with this therapy. Here we report the case of a patient who developed type 1 diabetes mellitus during combined(More)
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