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placement of audio datat on optical disks for real-time applications. 481 transmitted to the viewer and transmission of bits from viewer buuers is stopped. Loading of data during pause is continued only in the k + 1 viewer buuers following and the k + 1 viewer buuers preceding cur buf. resume: If the last command was a pause, then transmission of R-frames(More)
This paper is an overview of some of the methods developed by the Team for Advanced Flow Simulation and Modeling (THAFSM) [http://www.mems.rice.edu/TAFSM/] to support ¯ow simulation and modeling in a number of``Targeted Challenges''. Thè`Targeted Challenges'' include unsteady ¯ows with interfaces, ¯uid±object and ¯uid±structure interactions , airdrop(More)
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